Exploring Electron – framework for cross platform desktop apps in HTML, CSS & JS

This is small blog about Electron which I have just started exploring and getting to know the ropes. This is not intended to be a tutorial or something.

What is Electron?

Electron is an Open source framework, that is built on top of Chromium and NodeJs, which enables one to build native & cross platform desktop applications with HTML, CSS & Javascript (hottest celebrities of the web 😉 😉 ). Yes! you heard it right, electron allows you to build applications for Linux, Windows and Mac OS.

How to get started with Electron?

There are different ways in which you could get check out the demos,

  • Write a simple “Hello World” application from the official quick start guide is here
  • Clone the Electron quick start gihub repo and follow the instructions
  • Download the pre-built platform specific packages, extract and run the executable (the name should be “Electron API Demos”) from here

How does it look like after the demo?

I launched Electron in two flavors,

  • Launching from the pre-built package for my platform (GNU/Linux)
  • Installed Electron binary, wrote the demo code and launched the app

What more does Electron offer?

As of now, the community is actively developing and a lot useful packages and plugins ranging from,

  • code to generate boilerplate
  • package the app based on platform & architecture
  • create installer binaries
  • Test the application
  • Debug tools and so on.,

You could find the list here.

Views on Electron

From using it for the past couple of days, I should say I am really impressed about what this framework is and what it can do. Already a lot of apps have been developed and among them being WebTorrents-Desktop A framework like this will definitely enable programmers to create some cool applications with web tools and development won’t be limited to other languages which are being used currently. Hoping to explore more and come up with some apps for the community.

Find the list of apps currently developed here.