Who am I ?

Hey there people,

This is vms20591 and though like everyone I have an official name, I would like to be called by the former one.

A short bio

  • Programming for a profession
  • Games, Movies & TV shows for a hobby
  • Free Software, Mesh Networks & Commons for activism
  • Science, Cosmos & The Unknown for the pursuit of knowledge

Why do I want to write a blog?

There are many reasons why someone would want to write blogs. It might be to share their experience, educate others, they just like writing or I don’t know. The main reason I want to write blogs is for me to look back when I feel lost or when I need to look at what I did.

What can you expect from the blog?

I won’t give any gurantees on you expectations because you might find the blogposts to be interesting, uninteresting, trivial, misleading or anything else. But, the point is I want this to be my personal digital diary except this won’t be too personal.

Why do I write not too often?

I must say that I am pretty much excited to write blogposts, but the problem is that I don’t do them much often. I have written some posts in wordpress, some in my work’s internal platform and some in discuss. If you take a look at the timestamp, you can get huge time gap between posts. Mostly, I write posts about something I heard or came across that really interested me or it was becoming a trend at that time. I also happen to take huge time to write a post, like additions and deletions before it comes to a shape. This might be another reason I don’t write too often. Also, I am so so lazy.